Good lines of communication are critical in building and maintaining a healthy franchise group. Our Intranet has enabled us to communicate with all of our franchisees instantaneously, either as a complete group, or to groups within the group. It has improved morale, and contributed greatly to the development of our team spirit.

It also allows our franchisees to communicate with the rest of the group. Initially I found this a little frustrating, as initially it seemed that all we had created was a forum for venting frustration and complaints. I came to understand that this was a good thing, for two reasons. Firstly, it got the issue out in the open and off the franchisees chest. This is a much more healthy situation that allowing an issue or concern to fester away unseen, where it has the potential to develop into a much bigger problem.

Secondly, rather than having to provide all the answers to questions or issues raised by franchisees, I found that much of this was done for me by other franchisees within the group. This really builds a team environment. Franchisees look to their peers to discuss topics of interest or concern, rather than simply asking us to provide all the answers, they work through many different issues themselves, where we simply become a part of the discussion group.

We have found using Internet Connectors Intranet has saved us time and money by reducing our communication and printing costs significantly, by not having to phone and send faxes to each individual franchisee. And also by having all of our procedure documents online it has reduced our printing and is alot easier to update without the expense of reprinting.

Feel free to contact me should you require any further information.

Greg Soden

Day & Night Disposal Nappies