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Welcome to Worldwide Extranets



We provide an essential communication tool known as an Intranet for businesses, clubs, franchises etc. 


Many companies now use our intranet service, which can be completely customised to their needs in their everyday tasks to communicate with their franchise/other stores around the country.



:: REAL Key Benefits of an Intranet ::  


  Simplicity:              The beauty of an Intranet system is the easy-of-use.  All that's required is a PC with Internet

                                   Access, a username and password and your on your way.


  Instant Access:    All clients have the ability to access the Intranet from any location in the world and be able to

                                   access all the important data and files instantly.  Each user can be logged in individually or all

                                   of your clients/users can also be logged in at once.


  Reduced Costs:   Intranets reduce costs by virtually eliminating postage, printing, paper, telephone calls back

                                   and forth between your clients.

An Intranet is a secure website/database where your employee's, managers, members and or customers can personally log into and post updates, news, take polls and surveys. Each user/admin has their own personal calendar, can view all files and messages
left by other employee's and heads of departments.


  NEW LIVE OFFICE:  Post Live Spreadsheets, word documents and more.  Edit and Save files online!


  NEW FEATURE:  Photo Albums - Show products, share pictures!



No Spam & No Popups!

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