:: Features & Key Benefits of an Intranet ::


Simplicity:  The beauty of an Intranet is the simplicity to that your clients/users have the ability to login to the Intranet anywhere in the world.  The Intranet supports all major browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, all that is required is Internet Access.

Offsite Storage:  All your clients/users have the ability to access all primary information instantly online, all at once.  All data is stored on a secure server, no need to send manuals and emails to every client separately.  Documents, manuals & other documents can all be stored on the Intranet and all the users/clients can access it as they see fit.

The advantage of having "off-site storage" is there's no need to worry about loosing all that important data from events that can happen "on the premises".

Reduced Costs:  Intranets can significantly reduce the costs for franchises, businesses & clubs alike by virtually eliminating postage, printing, paper, telephone calls back and forth between your clients.

Modules:  Intranets are built full of modules that all perform difference tasks, and all Intranets are updated for free as each update is released so your Intranet will always stay up to date with the latest technology available in web abilities.


  • User List (address book, instant list of all users, emails, phone numbers etc for ease of use)

  • Messages (post different messages, different topics, attach files or web links for clients)

  • Documents (store manuals, procedures, access invoice programs & other documents for clients to access)

  • Calendar (add private appointments, create events that allow you to invite other clients & more)

  • Surveys (create a survey/poll for users to vote for or against)

  • LiveOffice - The advantage of Live Office is that Administrators can allow users to view and edit spreadsheets, documents and other information live and have the ability to Save Changes at the click of a button.

These are just some of the great features and Intranet can provide for your business, franchise or club alike.  With each module you can setup groups and assign different users to those groups so that for example you can only allow particular groups/clients to view certain area's in your Intranet.


No Hosting or Bandwidth Charges:  With an Intranet, there are no hosting or bandwidth charges.  The Intranets are charged per user and 5 user lots to make it easy for everyone.  You only pay for the users setup to use it.

No Spam or Popups:  All our Intranets are ad free and contain no popups or spam of any kind.

Optional Security:  The Intranet can run in either standard HTTP mode where by users cannot login without a username or password and for those clients who require more security we also provide an Encrypted Secure Service whereby all data from the server to each clients machine is encrypted.  Encrypted mode is also protected by a required username and password.